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Flies by Irishflyfisher

Here is a selection of flies that i tie up which i have found work well. I have had many requests for the flies i use so i have put this selection together for any of the readers that may be interested in ordering some to try out. They are available in sizes 14/16. To order them just type your selection in the box here. I will also tie up any other flies by request. Phone Liam +353 86386 4191. email : irishflyfisher@gmail.com


Partridge and orange - €1 each


Dark Watchet - €1 each

Black Spider - €1 each

Winter Brown - €1 each

Greenwell Spider - €1 each

Waterhen Bloa - €1 each

Snipe and Purple - €1 each

Hares Lug and Plover - €1 each

Parrys Black Spider - €1 each

Tups Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Light Olive Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Light Cahill Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Greenwell Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Dark Olive Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Iron Blue Klinkhammer - €1.50 each

Balloon Caddis Black €1.50 each

Balloon Caddis Green €1.50 each

Balloon Caddis Yellow - €1.50 each

Yellow Jack - €1.00

Black Gnat - €1.50


3 Responses to “Flies by Irishflyfisher”

  1. pearse says:

    just reading total flyfisher magazine and came across some klinkhammers tied with ludkins reel wings, nice flies, just wondering if you would fancy tying me up some, say ten size 14s, heres the recipe

    klinkhammers tied with ludkin reel wings,

    hook: partridge klinkhammer extreme
    thread: utc dark brown 70 waxed flat thread
    body: venierd brown body stretch
    thorax: natural peacock herl
    hackle: herbert miner furnace
    upwings: medium

    let me know what you think,
    best regards,

  2. Graham Davis says:

    Hi I was wondering if you still sell the flies you tie I had my wrong email address on the other day

  3. wgsten says:

    Hi Graham, I am in the process of moving house I have all my fly tying things packed away. I am hoping to resume fly tying when i have settled into my new place.

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