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Avonmore River, Wicklow

Last weekend i was invited to fish on the upper Avonmore River. On arrival at the designated place i was greeted by some amazingly beautiful scenery. Set in the Wicklow Hills, the river was in great condition flowing with a slight amber tint. The day was bright and clear, not typically a good day for the angler i thought. Looking around i saw there were some trout freely rising in a few of the pools below me. I also saw that there were lots of fly life about including Yellow Sallys, small Yellow Sallys, Black Gnats and a few Olives.


Slower waters

Slower waters


Getting ready i set the rod up for dry fly fishing with a yellow Klinkhammer in a size sixteen. I waded carefuly across the river to start checking out the pools where the fish were rising. I had been warned that wading would be tricky as there are large stones and very deep holes so i was advised to wade only where the bottom can be seen. The first pool i fished was one with slow water. I only managed to scare the fish in this pool. Moving on to the next pool i noticed that the trout were taking the Yellow Sally (biggest of the two sallys) so i changed to a size fourteen Tups Indispensable tied Klinkhammer style. First cast and i missed a fish. Next cast –  fish on and i had four fish from this little pool.


Wild Brown Trout

Wild Brown Trout


The next pool was a challenge to fish even with the seven foot six inch four weight rod i was using. It was fast moving water with overhanging trees and no room for a back cast. A short roll cast was needed here to get the fly over the rising fish. This was the way it was to be for the rest of the  day keeping well back out of the trouts vision with short roll casts, small flicks and some catapult casts thrown in order to get over the fish. Making my way downstream i checked out all the places i thought  that would keep a trout.


Rocky Pools


I continued on downstream for about a mile and a half casting into all the small pools, runs, riffles and glides as i went. I had a fish from most places i cast the fly. The bright sunshine meant nothing to these wild brown trout which were taking the Yellow Sallys with some gusto. As i was making my way downstream i noticed that there were a lot of spinners dancing along the bankside. These were Olive Uprights so i decided to change over to a spinner pattern to fish with as i made my way back to the car.


Upright Spinner


Using the spinner pattern, i caught several more wild brown trout as i made my way back. I caught and released a total of twenty seven brown trout for the day. The best fish made twenty two centimetres. A great days fishing in truely beautiful surroundings. I feel very privileged to have been invitied to fish in one of the nicest places that i have been too.

I am very grateful to CJ for the invitation and guidance.

Thank you CJ.



5 Responses to “Avonmore River, Wicklow”

  1. bobby says:

    I look forward to these articles I am basically a brown trout fisherman I fished all over the Scottish Highlands for brown troyt
    the pictures in your Avonmore article ar so much like the waters I love thanks again for an entertaining read

  2. You are very fortunate indeed to have been invited to such a beautiful place. Very nice, indeed. I can see you had a good time dealing with the conditions.

    “Tight lines, unless a wee slack will do”

  3. Frank Farrell says:


    Where abouts on the avonmore were you fishing?? I tried this river behind lynham’s hotel in Laragh but caught nothing…

  4. wgsten says:

    Hi Frank.
    pm sent.

  5. Mark o reilly says:

    I fished behind lynams hotel yesterday and caught two little brownies you can fish downstream a bit beside the White church lots of small brownies

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