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Sedges After Dark

My fishing outings in the past week have been of mixed fortunes with some good days and some not so good. The best of the daytime fishing  i had, was while i was dry fly fishing a Black Gnat pattern. There are still some large numbers of Black Gnats about and many trout are still feeding on them. What i found to work best was to target the fish that were taking the gnats. Take a cast or two over the fish and if it does not rise to the fly, move on to the next feeding fish. This method accounted for several good fish over thirty five centimetres.

Black Gnats

On a couple of occasions i tried using the North Country spiders but  this brought about some poor results catching only a few small brownies along with some Salmon parr. I also had one good daytime outing while i was fishing with an olive Klinkhammer. There were some olives hatching the same day. The Klinkhammer was successful in producing three good fish all over the pound mark. However there were some outings when i did not do so well but a bad day at fishing will always beat a good day at work.


On a couple of the evenings while i was out, i saw the first hatches of Caenis Duns on the Liffey. The Caenis fly is never a welcome sight to me. It is not referred to as the Anglers Curse for nothing. According to my past notes when the Caenis fly was on the water in big numbers my catch rate was very poor. Although i have tried various patterns for the Caenis the results were the same for all of them with just a few small brownies caught.

Fading Light on Liffey

Overall the best fishing i am having is in the late evenings into darkness when the Sedges are about. The fish start moving to the sedges at about 10pm or so. They are moving in good numbers for about half an hour and then they ease off. I find that when the light is almost gone the bigger fish appear. I have had a few great nights picking off some of the larger ones with the Balloon Caddis. The bigger fish are usually feeding in the trickier places like under over hanging branches and always on the far side of the river. I have lost many a Balloon Caddis to those branches but it is worth while as the fish are bigger. In the past week i have caught and released five fish that were a pound and a half or over when fishing on into darkness.

The water temperature is now just above fifteen degrees Celcius and the Liffey is still producing good fishing. We also have had some rain fall to freshen things up a little. Over the next weekend i hope to get to fish on some of the other rivers which i have not yet fished this season. Failing that there is always the river Liffey to fall back on.

4 Responses to “Sedges After Dark”

  1. Bobby says:

    anothe very informative read on a subject I love sedges and fishing after dark

  2. Alan says:

    A great read well done, I have just started fly fishing and I am having great craic on the Liffey. I havent blanked yet although some of them are no bigger than the palm of my hand. Your Blog is great and it is great to see you are fishing the same places I am, Tight Lines and keep the blogs comming .

  3. Frank Farrell says:


    I love these fishing reports. Must try out a few of these rivers before the end of the season is upon us. Anyway I may try the Upper Liffey stretch in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains tomorrow. We have had a lot of rain today so this will give the river a bit of a flow.

    Frank F.

  4. wgsten says:

    Thank you frank.
    pm sent.

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