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Low River Levels

During the past week i have been checking out some of the other rivers that are close to me. The first 0ne i looked at was the Kings river. At the moment, it is extremely low with a very small flow. On looking around i saw just a few Stoneflies (Small Brown) on the bankside vegetation. There was no signs of any fish moving at all so i did not bother to fish this river.

The next River that i checked out was the river Slaney. It was just a quick look at this river as i was only passing it on my way elsewhere. While i was there i noticed the level was low with the weed growth thickening. There were some Olives about but no signs of any fish moving. I will try to get down to fish the Slaney one evening soon to check out what the fishing is like to the Sedges.

Small Yellow Sally

The upper river Liffey was the next river that i checked out. It too was in a very low state with just a little flow between the pools. There were some Stoneflies on the vegetation and a couple of olives about. Again i did not see any fish moving in any of the pools i checked. Not worthwhile fishing there either.

Avonmore river

On Saturday i travelled further in my quest to find a river that had a good level of water in it. I crossed over the Wicklow Gap and headed down to Laragh/Rathdrum to have a look at the Avonmore river. On getting there i was disappointed to find that it was also at a low level. I thought that with the overnight rain that had fallen, it may have at least freshened the river up a little. There was plenty of fly life about with Yellow Sallys, Black Gnats, Olive uprights and groups of spinners dancing along the vegetation. I spent a half of an hour watching the water and saw no fish rising to any of the flies that were on the water. I took some nice photos and headed back over the gap.

River Liffey:

In between my travels to and from the other rivers i managed to fish the river Liffey a couple of times. I was out on two evenings fishing up until dark and i had some good fishing with sedges. On one of the evenings i caught and released seventeen nice fish the best making thirty six centimeters. All of these fish were caught in the space of forty five minutes or so. They all were deceived by a Balloon Caddis fly which i was fishing down and across stream.

Mayfly Dun (Green Drake)

I also got to fish the river Liffey on Sunday afternoon. It was a bright day with a lot of sunshine and a warm upstream breeze blowing gently. The water temperature is now at fourteen degrees Celcius. There was a lot of fly life about including Yellow Sallys, Mayfly Black Gnats and some Olives. I had some good mixed fishing from dry flies to wets including spiders. Although there were some Mayfly hatching the trout did not seem to have noticed them. Maybe the numbers were too few to attract attention. I finished up with a total of twelve fish between all the different methods i used.

Hawthorns in bloom

With so little water in the other rivers that i checked out i am lucky to have the river Liffey to fish on. It is a modified river and has a compensation flow of water from the dam at Golden Falls. It can be fished on for most of the season unless the dam is opened for generation of power. I will be back on the Liffey during next week for more evening fishing to the sedge.

River Dodder:

There is a clean up for the river Dodder being organised for next Saturday June 5th. All support will be appreciated and the more hands the better. Meet up at the car park Rathfarnham Shopping Centre at 1 pm.



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