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River Greese, Co. Kildare

At the weekend i had planned to get down to the river Liffey to check it out as i had heard that Iron Blue Duns were hatching. The fishing is usually good when the Blue Duns are on the water. On my arrival at the river i was disappointed to see that it was in full flood. Apparently water was released from Golden Falls dam to facilitate some event for the canoeists. Alternative plans were hastily made. I headed down to the river Griese as it was not too far from where i was and i had not as yet fished there this season. 

River Griese

When i got to the river i found that it was running very low and clear. This was the lowest i have seen it at this time of the year which is due to the lack of rain fall over the past few weeks. I could tell it was not going to be easy fishing. After looking around for a while i spotted some fish moving at the surface down stream of where i was, although i could not see any signs of fly life about with the exception of a few Black Gnats hovering above the water. After setting up the rod with an olive Klinkhammer to try upstream dry fishing, i set off upstream casting as i was going. Twenty minutes later after only rising one fish with the Klinkhammer i thought it was time for a change. A team of North Country Spiders was my next choice to try. I set up with a Snipe & Purple, Waterhen Bloa and a Black spider all in a size sixteen. Another twenty minutes passed with only one Salmon parr for my effort. I knew it was not going to be easy.

Black Gnat

On taking another look around this time with the binoculars i spotted a lot of fish moving further down river. As i neared the place where the fish were moving i noticed a lot of Black Gnats flitting up and down over where the fish were moving. I changed flies again this time i put on spiders in size sixteen. If success was to be had, stealth was going to be required. Keeping well back from the bank and crouching on my knees i cast across and let the current carry the flies down giving a slight lift just as the line straightened out. As the line tightens i strike and at last a fish is on.

Wild Brown Trout

This was how it was going to be for the next two hours, stealthy crouching kneeling casting. This paid off as i finished the day with a total of twenty four wild brown trout caught and safely released back to the water. I also caught and released seven Salmon parr. The parr have a particular liking for the North Country spiders. It is also a good sign to see them in numbers in the river Greese. The water temperature on the day was a warm thirteen and a half degrees Celcius which should soon bring on more fly hatches. While i was making my way back to my car i noticed that a hatch of olives was starting to happen. On catching an olive i identified it as being an Olive Upright, another good sign for the river as they are very susceptible to pollution of any kind. In all it was a great days fishing on this wonderful little river.

Olive Upright Dun


In a previous post (River Greese Draining/Dredging) i reported on the dredging of the river that was being undertaken at the time. The rehabilitation that was due to take place  has not as yet taken place. I will again get in touch with the relevant authorities to enquire as to why the rehabilation works have not yet been carried out. Any news i hear about shall be reported on here.


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