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Over the bank holiday weekend i had two outings to fish the river Liffey. It is fishing well at the moment with Large Dark Olives continuing to hatch. The fish are eagerly feeding on the olives giving some great fishing to the dry fly during the hatches. My first outing was on Saturday afternoon. I got there just as the sky was clearing after a heavy rain shower of rain. My plan was to fish upstream with an olive klinkhammer in size sixteen. There was a slight breeze blowing which was in my favour. The first pool i came to i noticed some fish feeding on the olives which were coming off the water. I managed to catch three fish from this little pool all on the klinkhammer.

baetis rhodani

The next pool i came to was much larger and deeper and it also had its share of fish happily feeding on olives. I spent about three quaters of an hour fishing this pool finishing up with nine fish, the best measured thirty five cms. All took an olive klinkhammer. I fished several more pools finishing up with a total of seventeen fish. A great day out.

Wild Brown trout

My next outing was late Sunday afternoon. It was an ideal day for fishing weather wise warm breeze, not too bright and no rain. When i got down to the river there were still a few olives hatcthing so as usual i started with an olive klinkhammer fished upstream. I had some good fishing with this for about half an hour but the hatch was coming to an end. In the half hour i caught eight good fish all over thirty cms in length. Great fishing by any standard. When the hatch was over i changed from the klinkhammer to my other favourite method across and down with a team of spiders. With the spiders i caught eleven more fish the best being thirty two cms.

River Liffey

The water temperature has now reached twelve degrees celcius and has benefited from the recent rain falls. I also have seen the first of the sedges appearing over the weekend. I am looking forward as ever to the evening rise to the sedges. So far this season i have noted the increase in the number of Salmon Parr that i have encountered for instance on Sunday alone i caught thirteen of them and most were caught on the spiders. This i hope is a good sign for the Salmon in the Liffey. The river has been closed to all Salmon fishing for the past few years for the purpose of conservation of the Salmon stocks. Again as usual i returned all fish safely back to the water.

Salmon Parr

2 Responses to “River Liffey – Early May”

  1. Michael C says:

    I just want to start by saying what a great blog, full of really good info. I also love fishing the north country spiders they are really successful on my local river. Would you use this method throughout the season on the Liffey?

  2. wgsten says:

    Hi Michael

    I would usually use the North Country Spiders right up to the end of May or so and again i would use them later in the season around August or September.


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