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Kings River, Wicklow

Last Saturday i had an outing to the Kings River. It was my first outing to fish the river this season. Set high up in the beautiful surroundings of the Wicklow Mountains, the Kings River is a particular favourite of mine when it comes to getting away from it all to enjoy some peace and quiet. This early in the season there is usually not a soul to be seen on the river. Summer weather and school holidays puts and end to that with weekend picnickers out for a day from the city disturbing the peace with their loud thumping music, smokey barbeques and the litter that they leave behind.  

Clear water Kings river

Enough about litter and noise. Saturday i got to the River about two o’clock and had a look around to see what or if anything was moving about the river. The day was overcast with a strong warm breeze which did not suit me as it was blowing down stream. I was hoping to fish a dry fly upstream as i noticed when i was looking around there was a few trout rising in some of the many pools on the river. Not to be put off by the strong wind i set up the rod with a black klinkhammer in a size sixteen. I tried this out for about twenty minutes before i packed it in as there was no chance of casting the little fly any way decent. Changing over to wet flies i tied on two North Country spiders a waterhen bloa and a black spider. With the wind behind me i fished these across and down with a slow lift when the line was straightening out.

Kings river trout

Fishing in the pools as i was moving down stream, i caught a couple of small wild brownies in each of them. Most of them were taking the waterhen bloa with only a small few taking the black spider although i did manage to get a double hook up of the small brownies. I fished on down as far as the tree line just above where the river meets the Poulaphuca Reservoir. I finished the day with a total of eighteen fish the best fish probably was twenty cms.  All of the fish were fully finned and beautifuly marked with deep red spots, perfect little specimens. They were in fine feeding form, free rising and fair feisty for their size. A pure joy to catch on a seven foot six inch three weight rod which i find just right for this type of fishing. I returned all the fish safely back to the water for another day.

River meets tree line

The river itself was at summer level and running very clear as there was no rain fall for the past week or more. The water temperature was a nice ten degrees celcius, not bad for this time of the year. I noticed some stone flies on the bank side plants but i did not have my insect net with me to catch one for proper identification. With the fabulous tranquil surroundings and not a sound to be heard only for bird song and the bleating of lambs another wonderful day was had on the glorious Kings river. I shall be returning to fish it again before the school holidays begin.

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  1. Andrew says:

    glassJet off twitter: I enjoy your blog, this sounds just like my kind of fishing. Coming over to Ireland soon in search of just this kind of river – and first time on the loughs, of course.

  2. wgsten says:

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog. Glad you enjoy it. Let me know if you need any help when you get over. If you have an idea of where abouts you’ll be staying, let me know and i’ll see if i can give you information on loughs and rivers in that area.

    Tight Lines

  3. norman says:

    I will be in Ireland in early October and would like to do a day of stream trout fishing. I would like to find a lodge that I can stay at in an area where my wife has a small town close by to do shopping an site seeing.
    I any ideas, let me know.

    thank you

  4. wgsten says:

    Hi Norman.
    pm sent.

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