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Work is a four lettered word to this angler, which at the moment is interfering with my fishing trips. So much so that i have only managed two angling trips since the season opened on the first of March. Now with the clocks having moved forward last weekend, i should hopefully be able to get an hour or two in on the river on my way home from work in the evenings. Having said that, i did manage a couple of hours on the Liffey last Saturday afternoon. It was only my second outing this season so far, whereas usually in a good year i would have had at least six or more outings by the end of March.  

Liffey late March

The day was a good one with mixed sunshine and cloud cover along with a blustery wind. The air temperatures reached between eleven and thirteen degrees celcius, which was one of the warmest of the year so far. I got to the River just after one o clock and started to fish with a team of three North Country spiders, Snipe and Purple, Waterhen Bloa and an Olive spider. These were fished upstream as i was heading up river to check out some pools that i had noticed over the years as being the ones that produce the first olive hatches. I had several plucks on the spiders before i eventually got my first trout, a small brownie of about twenty cms. He had taken the Olive spider. I had another two more fish on the same fly before i stopped fishing due to a run in with other anglers. These turned out to be unruly anglers who were fishing illegally (POACHERS). I eventually persuaded them to leave but thats a story for another day.

American Skunk-cabbage

After the dreadful experience with the ”poachers”, i headed up towards the pools to check for the Olives. On my way there i saw a plant i had previously posted on had started growing in three other new places along the river bank. The American Skunk- cabbage is i am told a probable garden escapee and is listed as an invasive species. I shall be keeping my eyes on that as it is growing in several other places since i first noticed it.

It was about half past two when i reached the pools in which i had seen a couple of fish moving. Then i saw a few Olives lifting off the water, so i set up with an olive Klinkhammer and cast over a fish that was steadily rising to the olives. First cast and he was on, my first trout on the dry fly this season. He wasn’t too big, but a nice 22 cm’s all the same. I finished off with two more to the dry fly before the hatch was over. It was only a small hatch but it got the trout to move, considering that the water was only at eight and a half degrees C. It has risen in temperature by three degrees since i last was out but it needs to rise a few more degrees before we will see better action.

Clear water for March

In all it turned out a good day despite my run in with the illegal anglers. But as i said, sin scéal éile.

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