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I first heard of Rathcon Fishery about seven years ago, and with the recommendation of a friend, i got my first chance to fish there a few years ago, and i have continued to fish there on a regular basis ever since. I have been fishing at Rathcon fairly regularly over the past couple of weekends. The first weekend I had good success fishing a balloon caddis (my own variation). It accounted for six hard fighting rainbows, the best nearing the six pound mark. That weekend, while i was there, i noticed there were some small silverhorn sedges appearing on the lake which had attracted the attention of some of the rainbows. Unfortunately i had no silverhorn imitations in my fly box to try out so i tied up some during the week to try out on the lake.

Rathcon Fishery

Rathcon Fishery

The following weekend there were many more silverhorns all round the lake. The fishing was quiet, with only one rainbow accounted for until dusk, when the silverhorns started landing on the lake to deposit their eggs. This brought an excellent rise of fish.  I tied on one of the size sixteen silverhorn imitations i tied during the previous week which brought instant success. With several fish hooked and lost, i finished up with five fish, the best going up to five pounds. All fish were returned to fight another day.

Rathcon Fishery
Rathcon Fishery

Rathcon Fishery is located in Grangecon, County Wicklow, about eight kilometres from the N9 Dublin/Carlow road. The lake is eight and a half acres (approx) in size and is stocked up with top quality rainbow trout. The trout range in size up to about seventeen pounds or so. They are all in prime condition and are fighting fit. A lot of them are over wintered and have become accustomed to feeding on the wide variety of inset life that inhabit the lake and its surrounding wetlands. The lakes depth is on average about three metres, with some deep holes to about seven metres. It has an abundance of wild flora and fauna and has some wonderful views of the Wicklow mountains. The lake is uniquely designed to allow about ninety percent of the water to be covered. It is a fly fishing only lake, with barbless (de-barbed) hooks recommended. Several different hatches of both terrestrial and aquatic flies occur during the year, mainly buzzers, sedges, hawthorn, daddy-longlegs (crane fly) along with  some of the olives.

Rathcon Fishing Lodge
Rathcon Fishing Lodge

There is a fishing lodge there equipped with coffee and tea facilities along with a sheltered outdoor seated area for picnics and barbeques. There are also Ladies and Gents washrooms available on site.

Rathcon Fishery is highly recommended. With its hard fighting educated rainbows, an excellent challenge awaits even the experienced angler. Although some trout are caught on lures, i certainly would not call it a chuck and chance fluff chuckers fishery! Being a reservation only fishery, it attracts only the genuine angler. Well sponsored competitions are run throughout the year, all on a catch, measure and release basis. All in all, well worth a visit!

Fishing at Rathcon Fishery is by Reservation only. Group rates and exclusive booking are also available. The fishery is open all year round and equipment hire is  available on request.

FOR RESERVATIONS please contact Dermot on:

+353 (0)86-8292309 or +353 (0)45-403173

Rathcon silver H

Rathcon silver H

Tie Your Own

Rathcon Silver-H

Hook – Kamasan B405 sz 16                    Tying Silk- Black UNI-thread 8/0

Body – Black Etafoam cut to size            Wing – Coastal Deer Hair

Overwing – Natural Dun CDC                     Hackle – Furnace

Antanneae – Stripped CDC Plume

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