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A lot of water has passed under many bridges since I last fished on the Rye Water in Leixlip. It is a small fast flowing river about twenty one Kilometres in length. Along with many other rivers  it too suffered at the hands of the OPW and its dreadful arterial drainage scheme in the last century. I am happy to report  that the Rye water is now in good health thanks to Leixlip & District Anglers and Intel. This season I was fortunate enough to become a new member of Leixlip & District Anglers so this weekend I had my first outing this season on the Rye Water.

Wild Brown Trout

Rye Water Trout

As it had been so long since I last fished on the Rye I decided not to set up the rod until i had a look at the river first. With all the rain that fell in the previous week I wasn’t surprised to see that the river was  a little high with a hint of colour in it and  was flowing at a fast rate. After seeing this my initial thoughts of fishing with dry flies was not on for this outing so i opted to set up with a team of spiders. The team of spiders I chose were the same team that I have had a lot of success with so far this season, why change now?

Rye Water, Leixlip

Rye Water

I then set about making my way down stream casting across with the team and letting them swing around with the fast current then letting them hang at the end of the swing. On my second cast I hooked into a nice little wild brown trout, a good start to my outing. I released the fish and continued making my way casting the team into every likely holding spot. It wasn’t long before I hooked into a second wild brownie, this one was about three quarters of a pound. The point fly was the one they went for this is the only fly in the team that I have name on as yet. It is a pattern I favour for early season spider fishing, the Yellow Jack.

Wild Brown trout

Rye Water Trout

I soon hooked into another fish which was a much bigger one and it put up a great struggle in the fast water, beating me in the end. I can easily say it was near the two pound mark but felt a lot bigger when it was using the current to beat me. At  this stage I was seeing Large Dark Olives appearing on the water, not in big numbers but enough to stir the fish to start rising. I must say I was very tempted to change over to a dry fly but the speed of the flow told me otherwise.

Rye Water

Rye Water

Deciding to stick with the spiders I caught and released over twenty fish on my outing to the Rye Water. I also hooked into another good fish which also beat me. A very successful outing to this wonderful little river. Day permits @ €5 per angler are available from the Leixlip Amenities Centre. Tel: 624 3050. Leixlip & District Anglers have a strict catch and release policy for the Rye Water and fly fishing is the only method allowed. I certainly admire the club for their efforts in conservation and would like to see other clubs follow their lead and introduce a catch and release policy on their own waters.


Wild Brown Trout

Rye Water Trout

I will not be leaving it as long again to fish on the Rye water! I intend to have many outings to this fabulous little river and i can certainly recommend it to other anglers.






4 Responses to “‘Catcher in the Rye’ Water”

  1. John Walsh says:

    Excellent post as always!
    Sounds great, I must give it a go some time.

  2. wgsten says:

    Cheers John, yep get yourself a day ticket and enjoy it.

  3. Cillian says:

    Just wondering if you could give me some info about lough callow? Just want a change of scenery from the rivers, c and r always, I have a few setups like 2 4wts and 7wt, what flies would you recommend now? Is it worth the boat fee? Where should I fish?


  4. Stephen says:

    Hello from Australia,
    I’m enjoying looking through your site. Lovely waters and fish. I quite often use a Partridge and Orange with a Snipe and Purple on a dropper. The trout in my local small creeks are usually cooperative with these two flies–except on the days when they aren’t. Our stream trout season ended yesterday but I intend to only fish North Country Spiders for much of the next season when it reopens in September, just to see how I do.
    Could I ask what weight rod you use for fishing Spiders?
    Thanks again for your fine site,

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