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New Season, first day

I had been looking forward to the start of the new season all winter so it was with great enthusiasm I set off for the river this morning. The weather forecast for the day was not good, strong winds with heavy showers of sleet and snow. I got to my chosen stretch early to try and make the best of the day. I set up the rod with a selection of spiders to fish my way downstream. In the early season I have found that fishing teams of North Country Spiders always get good results for me.



The day started off bright and dry with the air temperature at three degrees Celcius, there was a real bite to the wind. I had been fishing for half an hour before I had a fish on, my first fish and I lost it. Another few minutes past before I had a nice little fish in my net. My season was off to a good start. I managed to catch and release one more fish before the weather turned for the worst. The wind picked up stronger and down came a heave shower of sleet and with this the temperature dropped to near freezing. I headed for shelter to wait and see if it would improve. With no signs of improvement I decided to head for home.

Liffey Trout

Wild Brown Trout

I was at home for an hour or so and I saw that thew skies had brightened up and the sleet had cleared off so again I headed back to the river, this time to a more sheltered stretch. Once again I set the rod up with the same team of Spiders, Harelug and Plover on the top a new spider pattern of my own in the middle and my own favorite the Yellow Jack on the point. March weather being that of many weathers soon darkened the skies again, this time bringing a heavy snow shower. As I was some what sheltered I continued to fish on and soon I was rewarded with a nice little wild brown trout. I also hooked into what felt like a good fish but alas I did not bring this one to the net.

Snow on the river

March on the Liffey

I fished on through the snow shower but never managed to get even a  take. About half an hour later the snow cleared off and the skies brightened up. This is when I hit a purple patch. I caught and released another four nice fish in the space of twenty minutes or so. During this spell I saw five fish rise to the surface, I covered these fish with the Spiders and managed to hook two of them. I was happy to see that the middle fly accounted for a total of four fish while the Harelug and Plover got the other two, so much now for the Yellow Jack being the favorite!

Liffey Trout

Liffey Trout

All in all I had a great start to this new season despite the awful weather. Tight lines to all for 2015.

8 Responses to “New Season, first day”

  1. Eoin D. says:

    Great to see the report up already. Glad to see you had some success on a day with such terrible weather. Roll on some better weather.

  2. PH says:

    Always good to see a new post – looking forward to more this season, no pressure!

  3. wgsten says:

    Cheers Patrick.

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Eoin, I am looking forward to the better weather.

  5. John says:

    Do you fish your spiders downstream?

  6. John says:

    Lovely. Lean loooking fish in need of a good feed!
    I enjoy following your posts. Always bring back fond memories. As my season get set to finish here in Australia your’s wakes up.

  7. wgsten says:

    Hi John, I fish them in many ways including down stream. The way that I get most fish on is when I fish them across and down.

  8. Hi,
    I’m making a short dance film and I’m wondering if you could tell me of a good location along the Liffey where the water is shallow and relatively slow. The first image on this page looks ideal. An actress will lie in the water for a few seconds so I’m looking for a safe spot. Maybe you can advise.
    Kind regards,

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