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Early March, river Liffey

Last weekend I managed to get out for the first time this season on the river Liffey. I was lucky enough to get a few hours on the river in between floods. Timing the floods reminded me of all the times I used to time the tides when I sea fishing. As the dam was due to open at 08.00 so it was an early start for me. I got to the river about 07.30 and checked on it’s condition. It was flowing at a normal winter level but it had a little colour in it but at least it could be fished!

Liffey in early March

As there was some colour in the water I decided to it was beast to set up with a team of wet flies to start fishing with. I had been tying up some new patterns over the winter so I included two of these in the team along with a Yellow Jack. There was a touch of Spring to the air as I set off downstream fishing through the runs and pools as I made my way. It was not too long before I hooked into my first fish of the new season, a nice little wild brown trout. To my surprise it took one of my trial patterns, a nice way to start the season off. Another few minutes past and I hooked into my second fish, this one also took the same new pattern.

First of the season

I fished on with the same team of wet flies for another twenty minutes without even getting a tug, time to change the team I thought. After I changed the team I fished on for another while, again i had no response. Another change was made, this time i tied the Yellow Jack on the point and I tied another new pattern in the middle with a Winter Brown on the top dropper. Another ten minutes passed before I hooked into another fish, this one took the new pattern. I had another fish on the same new pattern, things were looking good for trial patterns.


Beetle on the move

After that things went quiet for a while so i decided to fish on some of the slower flowing stretches of water. Using the same team on the slower water I cast them across and let them drift down with the current sinking as they drifted. I used my coloured leader loop as an indicator to detect and signs of a take. My first cast was rewarded with a nice fish of about half pound weight, this fish took the Yellow Jack. I had five more fish using this method all of the fish took the Yellow Jack.

Liffey in Early March

The arrival of the due flood put an end to my first outing of the season. In all it was a great start to the season. My new patterns will be given another wetting to see how they perform, early days yet for them. I was very happy to see the Yellow Jack perform so well, establishing itself again as a firm favourite of mine. I do hope the flooding of the river will come to an end before it ruins my outings on Liffey.


8 Responses to “Early March, river Liffey”

  1. Colm says:

    Wonderful to see such a good start to your season Liam, and so well captured in your write up. All the expectations for the season are there – all the best for the months ahead.

  2. Jack says:

    Hi there great blog I really enjoy it. I also fish the Liffey and I was wondering is there a website that shows the planned releases dates etc. I have used the liffeyreleases.com however this only shows the days estimated flow rates i.e I cant check on Friday if there will be releases on Sunday. Also what would normal non flood flow rate be on average for reference. Thanks keep up the good work.

  3. Joe Heffernan. says:

    Hi Liam.
    Great to see you got out at the weekend. That was a good start to the season. i sincerely hope to get out myself this weekend. I will eventually get to collect the two permits. Talk soon.



  4. wgsten says:

    Hi Joe, yes it was nice to get out after the long winter. Catch up soon.

  5. wgsten says:

    Hi Jack, its hard to time the floods as there is no definitive time published on the web. Liffeyreleases, I would not hold the times as true. Beware at all times of rising water level!!

  6. wgsten says:

    Cheers Colm, tight lines for the new season.

  7. Alan O Neill says:

    Hi Liam, Good post, Nice to see your out and about doing what comes best. I hear your fishing the new lakes at Dunhill in Waterford, maybe a write up on that, I have been there, it would be interesting to see what you think of it.

  8. wgsten says:

    Hi Alan, it’s good to be out on the river again. I am also looking forward to getting out for Bass and Mullet this year with your good self.

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