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Easter Outings

Over the Easter holidays I managed to get out for some fishing on both the river Liffey and the Kings river. My first outing was to the river Liffey on my local club waters. I got to the river about half ten in the morning and I was planning on fishing on in to the evening. I had noticed on my previous visit, that the fish started moving to a small hatch of Large Dark Olives that appeared on the water just after midday. With this in mind I set the rod up to fish dry flies as I made my way upstream. The day was overcast and there was a cold east wind blowing. The air temperature was reading three degrees and the water temperature was five degrees. The biting east wind was blowing in to my face and was making casting my four weight line difficult. Not ideal conditions for fishing a dry fly.

As there was no signs of fish rising, i cast the fly into the places that i thought may hold a fish or two. I managed to tempt three fish with my dry fly but i only connected with one of these fish. After an hour or so i decided to find some shelter from the wind and change the fly. While i was tying on the new fly i saw a fish rise upstream from me. I sat and watched to see if he would show again which he did as did several other fish. I moved up to the pool where they were rising and cast my fly over the nearest rising. He rose and took my imitation, a Light Cahill Klinkhammer. I caught and released two more fish before rising water put an end to the rising fish. It also put an end to my fishing on the Liffey for that day. Earlier on that day i heard news that the city council were restricting water pressure because of the lack of water. This made me wonder why there was a flood on the river due to water being released from one of the city’s main reservoirs? It didn’t make sense to me!!

I packed up my gear and headed off up into the Wicklow Mountains to have a look at the Kings river. When i got to the river i was very surprised to see it was gin clear and as low as summer levels. I had thought that all the snow melt water would have the river coloured and running high, how wrong was i? It has been a long time since i last saw the Kings river running so clear. I thought this was definitely going to be challenging fishing  and wondered what was my best approach to fish it? I would have to be stealthy and keep well back from the water out of sight. I set the rod up with a team of spiders consisting of a Yellow Jack on the point, a Hares Lug and Plover in the middle and a Winter Brown on the top.

I made my way slowly down stream keeping low and casting the team down and across and letting them drift with the current. I fished this way for a while but never got a touch so decided it was time to change tactics. What next? I decided to fish with the same team again but this time i cast them just above large submerged stones where i thought fish might be lying up. I let the team of flies drift down stream and swing in around the back of the stones. After a few casts i was rewarded with a take and hooked up a nicely marked wild brown trout.

If i thought it was cold while i was fishing down on the Liffey, that was nothing compared to the cold on the Kings river. The air temperature showed only one degree while the water temperature was a mere two degrees. I fished on for another hour or so before the cold weather got the better of me so i packed up for the day. I did however manage to catch and release three nice little wild brown trout, a good result considering the the poor conditions.

As i made my way home i was thinking about the Liffey and why was it being flooded when there is a so called shortage of drinking water. I am hoping that the lack of drinking water will bring an end to the flooding on the Liffey and we will be able to fish on it regularly. Last season was a complete washout for fishing on the Liffey as it was continually in flood. Here is hoping for a better season all round.

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