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2013 Looking Forward.

It has been quite a while since i have written any new articles to update the blog. Before i start to look forward to the twenty thirteen season, i first would like to reflect on the past season of twenty twelve. At the start of last season i had made many plans about my fishing for the new season. I drew up a list of places and fisheries that i had never fished on. I did some research on where to purchase the necessary permits and permissions from land owners. I also researched on what time of year was best for each fishery and what fly life i could expect to find there during the season. I then set about tying up some suitable patterns to use on these new fisheries. I was all set and was looking forward to fishing on new waters.

Liffey Trout

During the previous season (2011), i had received several enquiries from readers of the blog, some were enquiring about the flies i use and others enquired about whether i would do some guiding for them. Others enquired as to whether i would tie up some flies for them. I thought about the enquiries for some time before deciding what to do. In the end i decided that i would tie up flies to order for any reader that wanted flies, i also offered to do some guiding on a part time basis at weekends. I set a page up here where i listed the fly patterns i use through out the season, the readers could choose what patterns they wanted to order. As to the guiding, any reader that wished to be taken out for guiding they got in touch with me through the contact page at the top of the blog.


The season got off to a good start as i was able to get out on the river Liffey at the weekends. I also took several anglers out for the day on the Liffey from which i received good feedback from the anglers. The fly tying to order also kept me busy in the early part of the season. As the season progressed the weather changed for the worst. The almost constant rain raised the water levels on most fisheries leaving them too high to fish on. Eventually a break came in the weather and i was able to fish on the river Suir at Kilnameen Farmhouse in Co. Tipperary. I had a great outing at Kilnameen. After that the weather again turned for the worst, my local waters on the river Liffey were in constant flood every day. My best made plans were not to be. The rest of the season was very poor as a result of the persistent  bad weather.

River Suir, Kilnameen

It is now time to look forward to the approaching new season with renewed hope for last seasons plans. I am going to keep my plans of last season and i may add another few fisheries to them. There will also be another trip to St Mullins for the Twaite Shad when they appear back in the river Barrow. It was a memorable occasion from last season, my first Shad on the fly. As to fly fishing for other species, i have been invited out to fish for Bass and Mullet. I must say i am really looking forward to that. Artic Char is another species on my list of species to fly fish for. When it comes to fishing for the Char you are very limited in this country so i booked a fishing trip to Iceland in August with MBBfishing. I have never fished in any where other than Ireland so fishing in Iceland will be a new experience for me, one that i am so looking forward to.

Mullicháin Cafe

During the closed season i have been tying up several new patterns to try out when the season opens. Over the years i have had mixed results when it comes to my experimental patterns, some have proved worthwhile other not so much. As for tying flies to order, i am still doing so with a few orders already received. I also have received a few enquiries about guiding from visiting anglers. Lets hope the weather will be kinder and allow for more fishing during the season. Tight lines to all.

Sneem River

3 Responses to “2013 Looking Forward.”

  1. bobby says:

    As always a n interesting read it’s good to see you back working on your blog and i see like me you also suffer in the best lay’d plans o mice and man I hope that the tying to order worked out ok and the guiding as always I wait with baited breath for your next instalment
    great to see you back as i said keep it up because I believe that you have a flare for this tight lines

  2. Patrick O'Connor says:

    Good to see you’re writing again Liam – thanks for the day out on the liffey last summer and for the flies, I’ll definitely be back for more this year.


  3. rivermist says:

    Good luck for the new Season, my fishing was washed out last summer too. I hope it was a freak year and not the start of a global warming induced long-term trend

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