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Looking Forward.

As the 1st of March approaches, i am looking forward to to the new season ahead. But before i look ahead too much i feel i should have a look back at last year. It was a year that i wish i could skip as i had many set backs and great losses during it. Early in the year my wonderful partner of seven years decided to call it a day and move out, this totally devastated me. Once again in my life i was left alone and wondered could i manage to get through it again. Lots of self questioning and not many answers! I tried to keep myself busy with work and with fishing but my heart was not in it. Yes i did go fishing both locally and up and down the country but i was not getting anything from it. It felt like i was only going through the motions.

My sadness and emptiness was added to in May by the sad loss of my dear father. A second bright light in my life had gone out, things were dull now. Very dull indeed. As the year progressed the financial pressure of running a household alone became a major strain on the purse strings. Time for cut backs and change, all outgoing expenses were looked at and all luxuries were done away with. One of the things which was looked at is this Blog. Would i have to cancel it? I considered cancelling it as i was not keeping it updated and in general it seemed like i had lost interest in it.

While looking back through the Blog along with all the comments, messages and emails i received through the Blog, i noticed that i had several requests from readers asking would i tie up flies and sell them to readers of the Blog. I also had a few requests asking about guiding on some of the waters i write about. Noticing these requests set me thinking “would it be a good idea to make up flies and maybe do some part time guiding”? The money generated by doing this could got to off setting the costs of running the Blog i.e. hosting, domain registration, broadband fees etc.

I gave mention about tying flies to order in one of the posts late last year and thankfully i have received some orders for them. I am now thing of setting up a page for buying flies. In the mean time for any reader who wishes to support the Blog by buying flies you can contact irishflyfisher[at]gmail.com for details or click on the contact page here. On the idea of guiding i will be doing it on a part time basis throughout the season i.e. weekends, half days or full days. I will also be guiding on the longer week day evenings during the peak season.

I want to thank all those who have supported me this far and thank all for their well wishes and kind words of support.

Time now to look forward to the approaching new season and to some of the places i would like to get to fish on this year. On my “to fish wish list” there are lots of places some of which i have never fished on before and some places to which i want to revisit. Places i have not yet fished on include the Erkina river, Blackwater at Kells, River Nore, and the Little Brosna to mention just a few.

Lough Dan is another place which is high on my list and this year i have an invitation to fish on it with Ashley Hayden. It will be one of my highlights of the season. Another place that i have a longing to return to fish on is Vartry reservoir (Roundwood Lake). It has been a long time since i have fished on there. In the past i have fished many times on Roundwood always fishing it from the bank. This year i will be fishing it from a boat, thanks again to Ashley for this wonderful opportunity. Ashley offers a guiding service on both of these lakes and further information can be found here.

There are many other places on my list that i may get to fish on this season, for the moment however i will be trying to get to the few i have mentioned earlier. I would be grateful for any information on those places or any other places , day tickets, permits , best places to enter from and safe parking etc.

Tight lines to all and here’s to a successful 2012.

12 Responses to “Looking Forward.”

  1. pearse says:

    hope 2012 is a little kinder to you mate, keep the chin up.
    Im from the north but have heard you can get a season ticket for the brosna for 25euros so im aiming to try that aswell this season.
    best regards,

  2. wgsten says:

    Thank you Pearse, here is to the new season along with the new plans.

  3. joe says:

    I am sure that 2012 will be much better than the 2011 for you.
    All the best. regards

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Joe, tight lines for you this season.

  5. Paddy h says:

    Wgsten, I hope things are brighter for you this year. I have found your site and your generosity with information extremely useful in becoming a bit more successful on my trips out on the Liffey. I hope you find the time to continue the blog.

  6. viktor says:

    one thing is for sure you losing one love gaining another
    your side means so much to us so keep head right and keep on going
    tight lines

  7. wgsten says:

    Thanks Paddy, i am planning on keeping the blog going all things being well. Tight lines for the season.

  8. wgsten says:

    Thanks Viktor, i appreciate that.

  9. Stephen says:

    I hope it all goes well For you this year ! Love your blog. I still think there is a book in it!

  10. wgsten says:

    Thanks Stephen, have not yet had any thoughts on a book maybe someday when work is done and time is plentiful.

  11. cj salmon says:

    all the best this season. hope you keep up the blog it keeps me going when im homesick down under here. when im home on holiday i will be in touch for some guiding on the liffey!!
    tight lines.
    cj (from upper avonmore river)

  12. wgsten says:

    Thanks CJ, Its good to hear you enjoy the blog, hope all is well with you down there. Give me a call when you are here it will be good to meet up.

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