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Recently i had the pleasure of fishing on the River Suir at Holycross in Tipperary. I have fished in many places along the River Suir but this was my first time to fish on it at Holycross. I arrived down in Holycross just after ten thirty Sunday morning and my plan was to fish on until late afternoon. After parking up the car i headed to the bridge to have a look at the water to see whether there were any signs of fish moving and also to see if there was any insect life about. On looking at the river i could see it was running low and there was a lot of weed growth in it.

River Suir.

The river was also gin clear and there was a lot of Olives about along with plenty of fish rising. Looking from the bridge i could also see several good trout which were feeding just below where i was standing. Some of these fish were around the pound mark. Things were looking good so far so time to get myself sorted out with a permit and get down to some fishing. Day tickets are available from Hayes shop or Glasheens pub in the village. I got a day ticket for Thurles Suir and Drish Anglers waters which are upstream from the bridge. Thurles, Holycross and Ballycamus Anglers have the waters downstream of the bridge.

Wild brown trout

After purchasing the permit i got ready and set up the rod to fish a dry fly as i made my way upstream. The fly i chose was a size sixteen Olive Klinkhammer to try match the Olives that were on the water. I made my way to the river and had a look for rising fish to have a cast to. I made several casts to the fish that were rising and i only managed to tempt one fish which i missed. The clear water and weed growth made for some challenging fishing. I changed the fly over to another Klinkhammer only this time it was a size smaller and tied up as per a Greenwells Glory. The pattern is an old favourite of mine and usually works well when there are any of the smaller Olives about.


I found the fish were easily spooked and took cover once they were cast over. Again i made several casts to rising fish and only succeeded in putting them down. It was time to rethink and make some changes. I was fishing with a Fluorocarbon leader which went down to a two pound tippet so i decided to change over to a monofilament tippet of the same breaking strain hoping that this would not be as reflective as the Fluorocarbon was in the sunlight. I kept faith in the same Klinkhammer and again i started to cast to rising fish. Several casts later i was rewarded with my first river Suir wild brown trout of the day.

River Suir Trout

I had another few fish including a number of Salmon Parr before it was time to have a break for a bit of lunch. After the lunch i headed off upstream to where i saw some good fish moving earlier. Some of these were big fish well over the two pound mark. As i was making my way to these fish i noticed a lot of Sedges appearing on the water or should i say flitting about above the water. I captured a Sedge to have a closer look at it and identified it as a small Brown silverhorn. As no fish were showing any interest in the Sedges except for a few small fish i decided to stay with the Klinkhammer. When i got to the pool where i previously saw the good fish i noticed one of them was still rising across the river close to the bank. I had several cast to him but to no avail so i moved on again looking out for an easier target.

Juvenile Pheasant

Casting to a few more fish without any response at all it was time to sit down and take stock. I decided to tie on a Sedge and have a go at the smaller fish to see were they easily fooled. I managed to fool many of the smaller trout as i was making my way back to the car. My best fish on the day was just over the half pound mark. Bright sunshine, clear water, low water temperature and lots of weed cover made for a very challenging but very rewarding day out on this wonderful stretch of the river Suir.


Holycross is now ranking high on my list of places to fish on in the early part of next season. If any anglers are looking for some challenging fishing in fabulous surroundings i can without hesitation recommend heading for the river suir at Holycross. It is very much akin the chalk streams of Southern England except  for it is here in Ireland and does not cost and arm and a leg to fish on it.

Holycross bridge

Guiding ;

Over the past few months i have had several enquiries through my contact page about doing guide on some of the rivers i mention in my blog. I decided to look into it and i have taken a few anglers out on the rivers so far this year. Being in full time employment has meant that i was only available for guiding at the weekends and for some of the long evenings during the peak of the season. So far i am happy with the response i have received from those anglers i have guided for and this has given me the encouragement i needed to put more thought into the guiding for the next season. During the closed season i am going to work on setting up a page here solely for guiding. Any feedback would be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

8 Responses to “River Suir, Holycross, Co. Tipperary”

  1. PaddyH says:

    Nice post, I’ve passed through Holycross a good few times over the years and have never had a rod in the car – one for the wish list next season maybe…

  2. cj salmon says:

    I think you would make an excellent guide. I would encourage you greatly to pursue it further!

  3. wgsten says:

    Hi CJ, thanks for you vote of confidence.

  4. Philip Maher says:

    Hi Liam I guide full time as you will see from my site if you are down this way again give me a bell would love to meet up.

  5. wgsten says:

    Thanks Philip, will do next time.

  6. john townson says:

    i have heard that the water is not fishable on a day ticket and that you have to be now voted in by the local club. do you know if there is any truth in this or just a rumour.

  7. wgsten says:

    As of yet I have not heard of any change to issuing of day tickets/permits, rumoured or other.

  8. Mick Tobin says:

    Day tickets are available and we have not been advised of any proposed changes.
    Will update after AGM which will be in Feb 2015 if anything has changed

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