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I have just returned from a fishing holiday in the West of Ireland. I was staying in Oughterard  Co. Galway which is located on the shores of Lough Corrib. The house that i staying in was set on the banks of the Owenriff river and it also had some wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Waking up to the sound of the river flowing gently by and the Cuckoo calling out from the woods across the river would put anyone in great form for the day. My plans for the fishing were to fish on some of the smaller and lesser known lakes and rivers in the area. River fishing was ruled out on account of the long dry spell of weather that we were having which left the rivers very low.

Moher Lough Co. Mayo

Whenever i manage to get over to the west of Ireland, i try to get fishing on one of my favourite lakes Moher Lough. This time was no different so i chose Moher as my first lake to fish on. It was a dry day with bright sunshine and a warm breeze blowing across the lake. While i was preparing the boat i noticed there was a lot of fish moving out in the lake. I also noticed a lot of fly life on the lake side with Olives, Duckfly and Alder flies there in good numbers. After noticing the flies that were about, i set up the rod with a team of wet flies. I tied an Olive Dabbbler on the point with a wet Alder on the middle dropper and a Duck Fly imitation on the top dropper.

Alder Fly

I headed out on to the lake to take my first drift over the fish i had seen moving earlier. This drift proved successful as i caught and released five wild brown trout. I took several more successful drifts before things started to slow down. I caught and released a total of eighteen fish for my outing. Most of the fish that i caught were wild fish although i did catch two stocked fish. Each of the flies on the team were successful with none of them outdoing the others. It was another wonderful day out on Moher Lough. I will be checking it out next time i am over that way again.

Lough Fadda

My next outing was to Lough Fadda. It was another bright day with lots of warm sunshine and a warm breeze blowing on to the lake. Looking around when i got there i noticed large numbers of Hawthorn flies flitting about along the shore of the lake and there was a number of fish showing at the surface. No boats were available at this time of the year so i put on my waders and fished it from the shore. I set up the rod with a black Klinkhammer to fish it dry to the rising fish. My thinking was that the fish were taking some of the Hawthorn flies that were blown onto the lake.

Wild Brown Trout

After a couple of casts i hooked a nice little wild brown trout which i released back in to the lake for another day. I walked the shoreline looking out for fish rising and casting to each fish i saw. I missed several fish before i caught and released another wild fish. I had a total of six fish for my outing on Lough Fadda. Clifden Anglers issue permits for Lough Fadda along with many other fine lakes in the area. Permits can be purchased locally.

Lettercraffroe Lough

My next outing was to Lettercraffroe Lough which is way off the beaten path but nevertheless well worth checking out even just for the sheer beauty and perfect silence of it. I did not know what to expect of this lake as i was only going by local knowledge. It was early evening when i got there and the weather was changing with the sky clouding over and soft rain starting to fall. I set the rod up the same as i did for the previous outing and set off to fish it from the shore. There were several fish moving at the surface so i cast the Klinkhammer over them. After a few misses, i eventually hooked and landed a nice wild brown trout of about three quarters of a pound. The fish seemed to me to be coming short to the fly so i decided to change tactics to fishing a team of wet flies. The team consisted of an Alder on the point with a Duckfly imitation in the middle and an Olive Dabbler on the top. A few casts later and i had another fish caught and released which was about the pound mark. I caught and released another four fish all over the half pound mark. All of the fish were taken on the Duckfly imitation. A great outing to a wild and beautiful lake. I went back to Lettercraffroe for another successful outing before my holiday ended.

Seecon Lough

The next day i headed out to check out Seecon Lough which is located above Oughterard. It is another lake that is well off the beaten path and set in beautiful scenery. When i got there i noticed lots of activity with  fish rising all over the lake. The day was another one of bright sunshine along with a warm breeze. I set the rod up to fish a Klinkhammer dry to the rising fish. There was also plenty of fly life about with Olives, Alders and Duckfly there in large numbers. When i got down to the lake shore i noticed the fish were taking the Olives and along the shoreline the fish were busy taking the Alders that were blown onto the water. I caught and released five wild brown trout all caught on the Klinkhammer before i decide to have a go at the fish that were rising closer to the shore. I tied on a brown foam Sedge as it was the nearest fly i had to imitate the Alders that were on the water surface. I cast this over the fish near the shore and it accounted for another fifteen fish the best making the half pound mark. It was another great day out fishing in a truely wild and beautiful  place.

Tackle shop, Oughterard

The local knowledge was given to me by Thomas Tuck who runs the tackle shop in Oughterard. Thomas has firsthand knowledge of all the fishing in the area and he gives it out willingly. It was Thomas who put me on the fish in the local lakes he has first hand knowledge of the area and knows every laneway and track down to the very last detail about each lake. Anyone that is thinking of visiting Oughterard for the fishing should make calling into Thomas Tucks a must as you will get all your needs including uptodate info on what is happening fishing wise in the locality. Ph thomas Tuck: 091 552335 or follow them on Facebook. Thanks Thomas. I will call next time i  am in or near Oughterard.

Trout hatchery, Oughterard

I have fished in many places in Ireland and enjoyed some great fishing but with all it has to offer the fly fisher, Oughterard has become a firm favourite of mine. There are so many wild and remote little lakes and rivers dotted all around Oughterard that i have yet to fish on. I hope that some day i will pack up everything and head for Oughterard and make it my home place but in the meantime i will try to get over to fish on some of it wild places as often as i can.


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  1. Robert says:

    Great article Liam, let me know if you are down that way again soon, might try and through a line together

  2. Paddy H says:

    Great report as usual, getting serious itchy-feet syndrome reading this!

  3. wgsten says:

    Thanks paddy, you have some scratching to do!

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Robert, i will be in touch as i am making plans to get back out west.

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