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On Sunday last i spent a few hours fishing on the river Liffey near Kilcullen. I had planned to fish on the Saturday but the weather turned out bad with heay rain mixed with hail along with thunder and lightening. I would not recommend fishing during a lightening storm especially when you are waving a carbon fibre lightening conductor about! I got down to the river just before noon as the rain was clearing. There was a slight breeze blowing upstream and there was good cloud cover so i set up the rod for to fish a dry fly.

Marsh Marigold

There was no signs of any rising fish when i first started to fish but i was determined to stay with the dry fly for the day. I was fishing for about half an hour before the rain started to fall so i took shelter to let it pass over. As the rain was easing off i heard some splashes coming from the river behind me. It sounded like fish taking something from the surface. I sneaked down to the pool where the sounds were coming from and in it i could see several fish rising to take a fly from the surface. I cast my Olive Klinkhammer to the nearest rising fish and it rose and took the Klinkhammer. It was a nice fish about three quarters of a pound in weight.

Wild Brown Trout

In the same pool i caught and released nine nice fish all in the space of twenty minutes before everything went dead. Moving on up the river i was casting into every likely fish holding spot without as much as a single rise. I decided to stop fishing for a while and take some photos instead. While i was taking the photos in noticed something in the river up ahead of me. I initially thought it was a Mink but to my surprise when i looked at it through my binoculars it was not a Mink but a pair of Otters. I tried to sneak up on them to get a photo but before i had the camera lens changed they spotted me and did not hang around for any photo shoot. I only lucky enough to get one photo of one of them.

Otter in the Liffey

Back to the fishing, at the next pool i got to i could see some Olives lifting off from it and a few trout were rising in it. I managed to catch six more trout in this pool with the best fish making twenty eight Centimetres. I walked on upstream looking out for signs of fish rising and when i spotted a rising fish i has a cast to it. I caught and missed another few fish this way. Eventually it came the time to turn back and head for the car. I changed over to a team of wet flies for to have a few casts on the walk back. I caught and released another two fish before i called time on my day out.

River Liffey

I checked on the water temperature and it was at nine and a half degrees Celcius, nearly in double figures which is qiute good this early in the season. The weather for next weekend is forecast as dry with daytime temperatures expected to be in the high teens. I expect to get some good fishing next weekend if the weather forecast shows true.

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