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Last Fish of 2010

I have not had a day out fishing since mid November due to the heavy snow fall and sub zero temperatures which made driving conditions very hazardous. The prolonged freezing spell led to the icing over of some of the stocked fisheries. On the last day of the year i headed over to fish on the Curragh Springs Fishery in County Kildare. The day was dry and overcast with temperatures forecast to reach seven degrees Celcius. Seven degrees was a big improvment on the previous week when temperatures reached record lows in parts of the country.

Christmas 2010 Curragh Springs


It was past one o’clock when i arrived at the fishery. I met with the fishery owner Shaun who told me that the fishery had frozen over during the bad weather and it was fishing very well since the thaw arrived. He pointed out that there were fish rising readily to a small black midge type fly. With this in mind i set up a rod to fish dry a size sixteen Klinkhammer (black/olive). Meeting with some of the anglers that were there since morning i enquired as to how they were getting on. They said the fishing was very slow but had caught a few nice fish earlier on.

I headed over to where i had seen some fish feeding at the surface and cast the Klinkhammer over them. On my third cast a fish rose and took the Klinkhammer. After a hard fight i soon landed a nice full finned Rainbow trout of over the four pound mark. A good start. I made my way around the lake covering the fish that were rising. I caught two more fish and i hooked and lost another two. A couple of hours passed and things went quiet with no fish coming to the surface so i decided to set up the other rod with a sinking line and a lure. While i was fishing with the sinking line, Shaun appeared and said he saw some fish moving in the shallows up ahead of me. I said he should have a go at them with the other rod as it was already set up and i would follow him when i was done. A few minutes passed and i heard Shaun call for the net as he was into a good fish. I made my way up with the net to see Shaun battle with a good fish which i eventually netted for him. The fish weighed in at the twelve pound mark, a fine fish indeed.  With darkness creeping in, i made my way back towards the car. As there were some fish still rising I decided to give it ”one last cast”. As the fly touched the surface a fish rose and took the fly. I lifted into the fish and it imediately took off stripping the line into the backing. Palming the reel i eventually turned the fish. After many more runs i had the fish in the net. A cracking fish of more than ten pounds weight. A great way to finish the year.

Curragh Springs 10lb> Rainbow trout

It being the last day of the year and with the water temperature at three and a half degrees Celcius i was all set for fishing the sinking line. I never thought that i would be fishing with a small dry fly and having the success that i had. Once again Curragh Springs surprised me. Hopefully i will get back over to fish on the Curragh Springs before the end of the holidays.

5 Responses to “Last Fish of 2010”

  1. bobby says:

    what a great way to end youe season and all these quality fish it felt
    like I wasw there esp when I seen the photograph great stuff as allways

  2. Hi, I was there on Tuesday last, with my mate Hubie,it was cold, but dry.we started on Di 3′s and lures and caught some nice fish to 4lb. I saw some fish rising to my right and decided to put on a team of buzzers under a bung,first cast BANG,a lovely fish about 3lb,Hubie changed to buzzers as well and we caught another half dozen between us.We had a great day,that was my first time there,Hubie was there before,but I can’t wait to get back when it warms up a bit.

  3. mark o toole says:

    totally had the best days fishing to day in a rainbow fishery i ve ever had with some huge powerful rainbow trout, start fishing at one and finished just before dark at half five, was a cold and very very windy day with a huge cold gale blowing , from pervious experience i knew best methods to day was a sinking line with various bright lures stripping fast under the huge ripple, this worked a dream as fish seem to be very aggersive in this weather and soon within the first hour i had 4 fish , the biggest just over 10 lbs and the smallest hitting 4 lb, lures fished was a simple tie off gold bead, with a simple yellow and blue ribbon on a bright green feather ,also similar pattern in bright blue, at the end off session i had over ten fish with the smallest 4 lb and average over 6 lb, brillant place and friendly staff, and would have no problem at all in suggesting u do a day s fishing on this great establishment in beautiful surroundings, u ll be hooked :)

  4. bud says:

    I can only confirm how good this fishery is.
    Great staff and I got 7 big, good fighting trouts in 3 hours fishing.

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