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It has been over six years since i last fished on Anamoe Fishery in Co. Wicklow, so last weekend i decided to head over the Wicklow Gap and down to Anamoe to see how the fishery is doing. The weather forecast for the  day was for some sunshine and slack winds in the early part of the day followed by a warning of an approaching storm. To make the most of the day i got there before noon with plans to fish for about four hours or so. On my arrival i noticed that the young trees and shrubs there had now grown giving a mature look to the fishery.

Anamoe Fishery

After signing in i had a wander around to see was there any fish moving at the surface before setting up the rod. I noticed some fish were taking something off the water. I also noticed there was a lot of small black midges flying about the shrubbery on the bankside and there was a small number of olive duns emerging from the water. With the duns emerging i decided to set up the rod to fish dry a size sixteen olive Klinkhammer. On my fourth cast a fish rose and took the Klinkhammer and after several runs and a hard fight i netted a nice Rainbow trout of about four pounds weight.

Full finned

I fished on for about an hour and a half with the Klinkhammer and i caught five good fish before all went quiet. I changed over to fishing with a bloodworm which i suspended under an indicator (size ten G&H Sedge). With this method i caught another two fish, one of which took the bloodworm and the other took the G&H which at the time i was pulling back quickly to recast. Again i changed methods this time using a size sixteen Diawl Bach in black on an intermediate line. Another three fish were caught using the Diawl Bach including a very strong fish which was about five pounds in weight.

Anamoe Rainbow trout

All in all it was a good day out in Anamoe and i will not be leaving it too long before i fish on it the next time. 

Set in mature woodland on the banks of the of the Avonmore River, Anamoe Fishery is a well stocked lake of about four acres and is fly fishing only. It is open all year round with the exception of Wednesdays during October, November, December, January and February. Equipment can be hired at the clubhouse for further information and bookings phone Brian on 0404-45470.

4 Responses to “Anamoe Fishery, Co. Wicklow”

  1. Robbie says:

    Another good report. This is a place that I have yet to visit so thanks for the tips on sucessful patterns.. Where next :-)

  2. wgsten says:

    Thanks Robbie. I can recommend a visit to Anamoe, its a well run fishery. As for my next fishery to visit, i rather would not say as i just turn up unannounced. I find that none of the fisheries would be expecting me and i can give an unbiased report when i i fish as a unknown angler.

  3. bobby says:

    now these Anamoe trout certainly look like the real deal another great read L at this time I am waiting for it to get cool to do some Steelhead fishing I just wish I had a fishery like anamoe within an hour or two drive it would make a great difference have to be happy with what I have thanks again for a good report

  4. wgsten says:

    Hi Bobby best of luck with the Steelheads.

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