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Every now and then, you hear about some of the hidden gems of Ireland and this weekend i came across one of these. Curragh Springs Fishery is this gem which lies hidden away among the rolling plains of the Curragh in County Kildare. It is a natural spring fed lake of about five acres with gin clear water. It was first stocked with top class Rainbow Trout five years ago and it has only recently opened up to anglers. I had heard great reports about the fishery and i was looking forward to checking it out for myself.

Spring Water

The day i chose to fish the Curragh Springs was not one you would normaly call a good day for fishing. It was a day with bright sunshine and a cloudless sky with afternoon temperatures forecast to reach eleven degrees Celcius. On my arrival at the fishery my first impressions were of a very well kept place with neatly trimmed banks, great access to all areas of the lake and plenty of room for back casting. After i  introduced myself to the fishery owners Shaun and Philippa we started chatting about the the fishery and the beautiful setting it is in. Shaun informed me about the quality of the fish he stocked the fishery with. After hearing that there were fish running up to and above twelve pounds in the lake, i was anxious to get casting to see if i could hook a quality fish. 

Sunshine on Curragh Springs

Shaun mentioned that there were some good fish feeding from the surface on a small midge type of fly. Looking around the fishery i noticed that indeed there was fish at the surface so i set the rod up to fish a small black midge in a size twenty. I set off to where the fish were rising and cast out to them. After several casts without rising a single fish i began to have doubts, day too bright, no ripple on the water, fly too big/small? I changed the fly to one of my own tyings of a Klinkhammer, black  in a size sixteen. I cast this to rising fish and on the third cast a fish rose and i hooked it. A few minutes of hard fighting followed before i landed a nice full finned Rainbow of about three pounds weight.

Rainbow Trout

After that i rose and missed eight more fish before it all went quiet. With no fish rising things were not looking so good. I took a break and sat down on one of the many benches that are provided around the fishery. While sitting down i decided to try fishing with a lure at different depths to see could i locate the fish. I tried many different lures but only managed to get one fish to follow a lure. Time for a re-think and another look around to see could i get some inspiration. Looking around i noticed some movement of fish in the warmer margins on the far side of the lake so i put on the polaroids and went to have a closer look.

Evening Rise

On getting to where i saw the fish moving with the Polaroids on, i could see many good fish feeding on something in the shallower water of the margins. I then decided to tie on a small nymph to see could i tempt a fish to take. While i was trying the nymph Shaun came over to see how i was getting on. As i was talking to Shaun i had a good take and then the line screamed off the reel at an alarming rate. Good fish on. After a battle which lasted for about ten minutes Shaun netted a mighty Rainbow which we estimated at above twelve pounds weight. It was a top class fish which never gave up the battle and didn’t once go over on its side.

Mighty Rainbow

After taking some photos of the fish (which do not do it any justice) Shaun released it back to the water. It went back easily at speed like it never was even caught. Speaking with Shaun i told him that the fish had broken my previous best by over four pounds. He mentioned that i may not catch another fish like it for some time and i agreed with him on that as i had taken over three years to beat my previous best. I debarbed another nymph and started fishing again and i wasn’t long before i landed another good fish of about eight pounds weight. Things now were looking great.

Double figured Rainbow

In the next hour or so fishing i landed and released five more fish including two fish to over ten pounds weight. Great day indeed. Things went quiet again after that so i headed over to the far side of the lake again. On my way to the other side the fish started rising again. I met up with Shaun again and he could not believe it when i told him of the great fishing that i had beating my personal best on three occasions on the one day. I tied on a black Klinkhammer to chance my arm for the last few minutes with the rising fish. I caught and released two more fish the best going to three pounds before the sun went down on my best days fishing i have had in a long long time.


This hidden gem is a must fish for serious anglers. Although it is hidden away it is easily accessed from both the M7 and M9 motorways (5-10 mins drive). It is a fly fishing with barbless hooks only lake so if you are up to a rewarding challenging day out fishing for top class full finned fighting fit Rainbows, then Curragh Springs is the place to go. For further information and booking contact Shaun on 087-2462028. I will be making a return visit to this top class fishery before long.

10 Responses to “Curragh Springs, Co. Kildare”

  1. bobby says:

    Another Great read WG. I have read of this place on trout and fly .co.uk and after reading your report it makes me wonder more if at some time in the future I should pay this place a visit. Those fish are lunkers and I bet it would be fun and it is a bonus when a place is well looked after it’s alway’s fun when you have to play with your fly’s up a size down a size and when you get it right wham you have to love it thanks again for a good read.

  2. Robbie says:

    Very informative read again. Nice to know of another fishery that’s fishing well. Sounds like a place I would like to try over the coming winter months.

    Good job, Robbie

  3. wgsten says:

    Thanks again Bobby. It always is a bonus when eventually you tie on the right fly and get the retrieve right to decieve the fish.

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Robbie. If ever you are thinking of a place to fish Curragh Springs is a must.

  5. rtc says:

    That looks great wgsten.I live in crumlin so it’s one that I’ll definitely check out over the winter.How are things coming along on the flytying front for the site?.

  6. wgsten says:

    Hi rtc. The Flytying Page is still in progress all be it slowly. Having a few problems with picture quality but i am working on a solution at the moment.

  7. rtc says:

    Great.Looking forward to seeing it.All the best for now.

  8. craig peddie says:

    looks the best spot in ireland to fish by far,hope to be there soon :)

  9. Hurling01 says:

    I just heard about this place the weekend and when i was told that there were fish of 10-12lb and up in it, i thought the guy was pulling my leg!! but after reading this it looks good cant wait to get out on it now!!

  10. dylan o11 says:

    ye its great you are almost garenteed a fish if u have a sinking line

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