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My first outing since the wild trout fishing season closed was to fish for Rainbow Trout on Lough Aishling near Edenderry in Co. Offaly. I heard about Lough Aishling from other angler’s earlier this year and i had  pencilled it in on my ‘to fish’ list since then. All the reports i heard were good so i just had to check it out for myself. The day i chose was one of mixed sunshine and some cloud cover with a warm wind blowing from the South. The day time temperature was forecast to reach a high of twenty one degrees Celcius.

Lough Aishling Lodge

On arrival i was pleasantly surprised to see a nice neat tidy fishing lodge that over looked the fly fishing lake which itself was in great condition with clear water and neatly trimmed banks. On checking in at the lodge i met with the owner Joe. After the introductions Joe stuck on the kettle and we sat down and had a chat about the fishery over a mug of tea. The lodge is spick and span and well equiped with TV, microwave, tea making facilities, solid fuel stove for the colder days and Ladies and Gents washrooms. Looking out over the lake while having our tea i noticed a lot of trout moving at the surface. They were actively feeding on something on the surface.

Lough Aishling Mascot

After the tea and chat i headed on down to the lake to have a closer look around before i set up the rod. The trout seemed to be feeding on a small midge type of fly that was been blown from the grassland on to the lake. I then set the rod up with a size eighteen black emerger to see could i tempt one of the feeding fish. With the wind at my back i cast this out on to the lake and let it swing around with the breeze. On my third cast a fish rose to the fly but i was too hasty with the strike and i missed it. After a few more casts another fish rose to the fly this time i hooked him. He fought hard for his size before i landed him, a nice fish of about two pounds weight.

Rainbow Trout

This was the way it was for about two hours. Fish came readily to the little emerger. In the two hours i landed eight fish the best one was over the three pounds mark. Then it all went quiet with not a fish to be seen rising in the lake. I then changed over to an intermediate line to which i tied on an orange goldhead lure. This i fished a number of different ways. First a slow figure of eight retrieve counted down to different depths to see where the fish were. This produced a few tentative plucks but no hook ups. I then cast to distance and stripped the lure back at a very fast rate. This is a good way to provoke the fish to chase the lure and before they know what is going on they are hooked. I caught three more fish over the period of an hour with this method.

View from Lodge

Before it was time to leave a few fish appeared at the surface again so i changed back to the floating line and tied on a size fourteen black klinkhammer. I fished this as i was making my way back to the lodge and i picked up another two rainbows on this. All fish were returned safely to the water to fight on another day. Checking on the water temperature i found it at a nice fourteen degrees Celcius. A good finish to a great day out at Lough Aishling. The fly fishing lake at Aishling is about seven acres in size. There is another lake of four acres which at the moment is used for coarse fishing. The fishery is open all year round. It is located about seven kilometers from Edenderry on the Daingean/Tullamore road. It is sign posted Lough Aishling. There are boats available on the fly lake and an electric outboard is permitted for those anglers that wish to use their own one. For more info and booking ph. Joe 086-8714020.

Fly Fishing only Lake

I can certainly reccommend a day out on Lough Aishling for either a beginner or an experienced angler. You won’t be disappointed and it is good value for your money. I will make a few more trips to Aishling during the closed season.

Rathcon Fishery

I spent a day on Rathcon Fishery recently in the excellent company of Ashley Hayden who runs  An Irish Anglers World. You can read a full report on the day compiled by Ashley here

Rathcon Fishery

8 Responses to “Lough Aishling, Co Offaly.”

  1. bobby says:

    Another nice read my thoughts are if we are going to fish still water fisheries it’s a bonus if the place looks like it is well maintained and
    that help’s in the overall day and of course the icing is if we catch fish you seem to have ticked all the boxes there it looks like the kind of place I like on the larger side if you feel like fishing from a boat and the owner did the right thing in his treatment of a new customer all in all a very pleasant read as must the day have been very pleasant .and if the fish meet expectations well !
    thanks WG I enjoyed the read as usual Tight lines

  2. Fergal says:

    I fished it myself last week, fish were feeding on fry. They were attacking the fry violently , often jumping high out of the water and then coming back around to sip down the stunned fish. I caught them on a floating minky. Most of the fish very skinny tho.

  3. Robbie says:

    I fished for the first time during the TAFI Leinster Bank Qualifiers in August.

    I had a good day out and will return again over the coming months.

    Thanks for the report.

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Robbie.

  5. wgsten says:

    Thanks Bobby.

  6. wgsten says:

    Thanks Fergal.

  7. Enda says:

    Hi mate,
    You were right to be concerned about the number!!
    The number is 086 8714020
    Going to have a few hours myself on Wednesday morning.
    The floating fry, that is one fly that works very well as there is a big head of rudd in the lake. You get some voilent takes on it.

  8. wgsten says:

    Thanks Enda. I have edited the ph no.

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