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Last Outings 2010 Season

Recently i managed to get out for a couple of outings before the season closed. One of these outings was up to the Kings river. I had arranged to meet up with an angler who contacted me through this site. I got up to the river about noon and had a look about to check on whether the river was fishable after all the rain that had fallen during the previous days. The water level was about fifteen centimeters over the level on the last time i was there but it was still fishable. The day was one of mixed weather with a lot of cloud cover, some sunshine and a strong wind blowing upstream. With no signs of any fly life about i set the rod up with a team of wet flies to fish down and across.

Kings River Trout

I headed off downstream checking out each of the runs and riffles as i went. I was picking up the odd fish here and there on a Snipe and Purple. I was fishing for twenty minutes or so when the other angler arrived. After introducing ourselves i got him set up with a team of North Country wet flies and showed him where and how best to fish these flies. We then proceeded downstream fishing in all of the spots that may hold some fish. The wind was making casting very difficult as it was getting stronger and blustery. After a while he managed to get a nice little brownie on the wets. We carried on down for an hour or so but the fish were hard caught so we decided to head back up to where we started out from to try fishing with a dry fly. On my way back up i noticed that there were a few Blue Winged Olives appearing on the water so i tied on an olive Klinkhammer. It was not long before i had a fish on the Klinkhammer so i tied one on fot the other angler. He noticed several trout rising up ahead and called me to have a look at them. They were taking emerging olives so i told him to to have a go at them with the Klinkhammer. After a few casts he had a fish on. He managed to catch four fish before they stopped rising. In all it was another good day on the Kings river. What a shame though as it was my last outing to this wonderful little river for this season.

River Liffey

For my next outing i went over to the River Liffey (upper). I got there at one thirty pm. and as it would be my very last outing for wild brown trout this season i intended to fish on until it got dark. It was a much better day weatherwise than the previous one. Clear skies, warm and very little breeze about. I set up with a team of wets to fish down and across. With these i managed to catch seven little wild brown trout. I had fish on all the flies, the team of which were Snipe and Purple, Harelug and Plover and Waterhen Bloa. After an hour or so i noticed a few Blue Winged Olives on the water so i changed over to fishing a dry fly and as usual i fished an Olive Klinkhammer which accounted for my best fish of the day which measured twenty two centimeters.

Blue Winged Olive

I had several more fish on the Klinkhammer before all went quiet again. I took time out for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. Before i started out again i set the rod up to fish a bead head nymph tied under a Klinkhammer (duo or New Zealand style). I fished this way for a while and caught a few more brownies before i changed back to the wets. I caught two more fish on the wets before i called time on the day and unfortunately for this season. In all i caught and released sixteen wild brown trout a good outing to end my great season.

Liffey Meeting Lake

With the season now closed i will be able to concentrate on the fly tying page that i have been working on for the past while. Once it is done i will publish on here under Fly Tying.

Just a reminder about the closed season to beware that  THERE IS NO CLOSED SEASON FOR POACHERS. I will as ever be out and about checking on the fisheries whenever i can especially during this time of the year.

River Liffey (upper)

16 Responses to “Last Outings 2010 Season”

  1. Robbie says:

    Thanks for a very informative seasons fishing blog.
    Hopefully the winter will past quickly and it will all kick off again.

    Tight lines for 2011.

  2. wgsten says:

    Thanks Robbie. I will be checking out some of the stocked fisheries that are open all year with a view to doing a write up on them.

  3. bobby says:

    Thanks a million for your most infomative and interesting blog’s
    I havee grown to enjoy them so much it so like the fishing I remember in Scotland I hope we will be kept up on your off season activities maybe a bit off Grayling fishing ect well done Liam and thanks
    again tight lines

  4. wgsten says:

    Thanks Bobby. There are a number of stocked fisheries that i will be checking out during the closed season. I will be doing a write up on each one that i have visited.

  5. rtc says:

    Thanks for all the info over the season wgsten.Looking forward to the flytying page.All the best for now.

  6. wgsten says:

    Thanks rtc. The flytying page is work in progress hopefully i should have ir ready to post soon.

  7. Michael C says:

    Hi Wgsten,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the season, it always gave me food for thought with my approach to river flyfishing (being a relative newbie). I’m really looking foward to the flytying section too (hopefully we won’t have to wait to long for it!).
    Michael C

  8. wgsten says:

    Thank you Michael. At the moment i am still doing some work for the fly tying page. As soon as i have it ready i will publish it.

  9. Legless says:

    Hi wgsten,
    Thanks for your blogs, I have really enjoyed them over the year ! Oh and I sent back the thing I borrowed from you :-). I am looking forward to your fly tying page and your reports on the fisheries you are going to over the winter ,have you fished the one in the Curragh yet i belive it holds some nice fish, anyway Enjoy and thanks Again.

  10. wgsten says:

    Thank’s Alan. I have not been to fish the Curragh but i have it down on my ‘to fish’ list. The thing is now safely back thank’s again.

  11. Patrick O Connor says:

    Love reading your blogs & looking forward to hearing your reports on the stocked fisheries.

    Best Regards,

  12. wgsten says:

    Thanks Patrick.

  13. Frank Farrell says:

    Hi wg,

    Just to say that I really love reading and even re-reading your blogs!! They are not only very informative but very well written and the photos are an added bonus. I especially loved the last article which made reference to my goodself and our sortie on the King’s river!! That was a great day. I really enjoyed catching those brownies on the dry fly! Very rewarding. Anyway I will be doing some fly fishing on some of the privately owned stocked fisheries most notably Annamoe and Maynooth. I hope to catch up with you then. Once again thanks for the tips and flies!!


  14. wgsten says:

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks. I will get in touch with you re fishing for rainbows.

  15. Spider says:

    Hi Wgsten

    Interesting articles , nice to see an Irish blog.
    Am looking for a sedge pupa pattern and you referred to one elsewhere but I cant find it. Can you help?

  16. wgsten says:

    Thanks Spider.
    PM sent.

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