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River Slaney at Last

There is one river i have been meaning to fish on since the begining of this season which is the river Slaney. Each time i have tried to fish it this season some problem or other would crop up, be it the river being too low, being in flood or i was due to fish with someone somewhere else. This weekend i did manage to get to fish on it. It was Sunday afternoon when i got to the upper reaches of the river Slaney. The river itself was in great condition for fishing with a good flow of water with just the slightest amber tint to it.

River Slaney

While i was getting set up i had a look around for any signs of fly life or fish rising. There was no sign of any fish moving but i did notice a good few Willow flies flying about. This gave me my first indication as to what way i was going to set the rod up. I tied on a team of North Country Wets i.e.  Hare’s Lug and Plover on the point Starling Bloa on the middle dropper and one of my own variants of a Brown Owl on the top dropper. With the rod set up i headed downstream casting the flies down and across the river.

Willow Fly

After a few casts i hooked my first a little Salmon parr taken on the point fly. This little fella was safely returned and i resumed casting down and across. I caught several more parr before i hooked a wild brown Slaney trout, a nice marked fish of about twenty centimeters. After an hour or so i noticed some small olives coming off the water. Although there was no trout rising to the olives i changed my middle fly to a Waterhen Bloa to see could i entice a few fish to take it. After a few more casts i hooked my best fish of the day. A wild brown trout with dark red spots was soon in the net. I unhooked it and took a few photos before i released him safely back to the Slaney.

River Slaney Trout

I fished on downstream until i could not go any further due to the river banks being very overgrown above deep water. To fish my way back upstream i changed over to an olive klinkhammer to fish it dry into some of the pools that i met on my way down. These pools were unsuitable to fish with the wet flies so i was hopeful that some of them would be holding fish. I caught a few more fish in some of the pools but none as good as the one i had caught previously. On getting back to where i started out from i decided to check out some slow stretches i had seen earlier. I tied on a Balloon Caddis to fish on a dead drift back down towards me. This method produced another few fish most of which were Salmon parr.

Salmon Parr

I checked out the water temperature and it was at thirteen degrees Celcius a little low i thought, but i put it down to the fact that the river was falling back after being in flood. I caught and released a total of nineteen fish which included nine Salmon parr. It was great to see so many parr in the Slaney. Likewise it was great to see a good variety of insects flying about this late in the season. Another good day out on the beautiful river Slaney and i hope to get out for another hours on it before this season ends.

Pale Evening Dun

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  1. bobby says:

    I like reading this report takes me back it’s nice to see this ammount of Salmon par as it looks well for the future runs of the leaper (salmo salar ) BUT THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT WILD NATIVE TROUT sorry about the caps ,that is a true indication of the health of a system I think the condition of the brown trout or Grayling if they are to be found also a good marker and the true tes the hatches off fly looks like an ideal river just the right size(for me anyway) thanks again as I said I love reading this report especially

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